Prototyping is the best way to test your assumptions, learn about your users and improve ideas. You can test out a product’s appearance, quality and function before spending money on development.

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Prototypes show the product’s idea more convincingly than verbal explanations. It gives your idea a shape, so that potential customers can interact with a near-final product. The goal of prototype is to test the flow of design and gather feedback, before creating a final product.

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Product Design UI & UX

We visualize your ideas designing wire-frames and creating user-flow maps for your app or website based on a brief information you provide about your idea.

⋅ User flow charts
⋅ UX Wireframes
⋅ UI Visual design

Interactive Mobile APP Prototypes

We make clickable interactive prototypes imitating a real user experience.

⋅ Interactive Prototypes
⋅ Design system documentation

Product Branding

We can help with a product branding to shape your ideas even better. Need a name,
branding, copywriting services or explainer videos? You say it, we do it!

⋅ Naming
⋅ Copywriting
⋅ Logo Design
⋅ Branding Identity
⋅ Pitch Presentation Design
⋅ Landing Page Design
⋅ Video Explainer

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A prototype is a simple experimental model of your idea. It gives a unique opportunity to test products before entering the market and give stakeholders a pretty good idea of how the final product will look like


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This package gives you an initial idea of user flow, by designing a low-fidelity clickable prototype. It is a simple way of evolving a design idea into more tangible representation of a software product.

✔ Product Discovery
✔ User research
✔ Low fidelity design
✔ Clickable prototype


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This package gives you high-fidelity prototypes that are more advanced than their low-fidelity counterparts. They’re more realistic in terms of both visual design and functionality.

✔ Product Discovery
✔ User research
✔ High fidelity design
✔ Interactive prototype
✔ Real looking app
✔ APP presentation



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In addition to high-fidelity interactive prototypes and testing with real users – in this package we also create a landing page and video explainer for your product.

✔ Product Discovery
✔ User research
✔ High fidelity design
✔ Interactive prototype
✔ Real looking app
✔ Landing page
✔ Video Explainer

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