Prototype gives a unique opportunity to test products before entering the market and give stakeholders a pretty good idea of how the final product will look and behave.

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How it works

Step-by-step guide of our product building process using design thinking process


Discovery 01/05

We believe that the best professional relationships are built on mutual understanding and respect and that’s why we aim to get to know not only ideas but also their owners / clients. We discuss our clients’ backstory, the idea behind their product, its basic features, target audience and desired results.

Research 02/05

After carefully studying project documentation and having more information about a client, we conduct throughout market and competitor research. We gather and organise all useful information we need to build a product.

Sketching 03/05

At this stage we think visually. Analysing clients’ feedback we start generating first concepts, communicating ideas, mapping processes, adding features and creating user flows.

Prototyping 04/05

This is an experimental phase, and the aim is to create a model designed to validate clients’ ideas to be tested in the next stage of the process. Prototypes show stakeholders how the final product would look like.

Test & Delivery 05/05

After creating a prototype, testing phase starts. It creates additional opportunities to communicate with end users to tailor the product to their needs. A prototype is created, reviewed, and then refined based on feedback.

Support Bonus

We provide our clients with design support prior to the launch of the product.

New ideas and innovation always include a risk of failure. With prototyping – it is possible to see what works right and wrong and test your assumptions by creating human-centred design products.

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